Our Mission:

Christian Life Center was founded in 1983 by Rev. Thurman and Margaret Boatright. Rev. Boatright retired in 1998 and his son, Barry Boatright was hired as Pastor. He had served on Staff with his Dad for 12 years prior to taking over as Pastor of Christian Life Center.

Through the years one thing has remained the same. CLC has always been a church with a vision. Our vision is made up of 4 parts.
I. Worship- CLC has always been and will always be a church of worship. We are not just talking about music here, but Jesus. We believe in all things that we must worship Jesus Christ with our lifestyles, and our actions and choices will be a direct reflection of our relationship with Jesus Christ! We have a phenomenal Worship Band that echoes this statement and helps lead us into an atmosphere of Worship. This church was built on Worship and                                                                                                                                                   CLC will always be a people of Worship.

II. Children and Youth- At CLC we always have and always will put a lot of emphasis on Children and Youth Ministries. We want to be proactive and invest in them at an early age, and make them a priority in our church. They are not the church of tomorrow but the church of today. We will invest spiritually, with pastors that have a heart for reaching children and youth. We have invested thousands into top notch facilities for the youth and children’s departments, and make sure that we are always using cutting edge technology to minister to your child.

III. Community- CLC will always be in the forefront of the community. Pastor Barry always says “If our church closed its doors today, would they know that we were gone tomorrow?” CLC is always reaching out to the community through different avenues. Our food pantry will serve 15 to 20 thousand families this year. This past Christmas (2010) we gave away 2 cars to well deserving members of the community. In the past we have given numerous cars and vans away. We have rebuilt houses for people. God loves people, we love people. For the past 21 years we have also partnered with “House of Isaiah” which is a house for men fighting drug addictions. The H.O.I. members attend our church services faithfully on Sundays and Wednesdays. We will do our best to shine as a beacon of hope to the people of Gun Barrel City, and its surrounding areas.

IV. People of Addiction or Compulsive Behavior- Every Tuesday night at 7 pm we have a program called “Overcomers”. Overcomers Is a fellowship of men and women who have been affected either directly or indirectly by the abuse of any mood-altering chemical or compulsive behavior. We believe that as we look to a loving God for help, and put into practice those principles for living which He has given in His Word, we shall find both the strength and freedom we need to live productive and happy lives. We strongly believe that our “Higher Power” is Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.Our five-fold purpose, based directly upon the Word of God is set forth as follows:

1. To provide fellowship in recovery.

2. To be and to live reconciled to God and His Family.

3. To gain a better understanding of alcohol and mood-altering chemicals and the disease of addiction.

4. To be built up and strengthened in our faith in Christ.

5. To render dedicated service to others who suffer now or once suffered as we once suffered.

We welcome anyone who has a desire to stay clean and sober; anyone who has a desire to rise above the pain and turmoil caused by their own addiction or the addiction of a loved one; anyone wishing to break the bondage of compulsive behavior; anyone who is not opposed to our general method of recovery. We are here to share our experience, strength and Hope with one another. The loving support and genuine caring of fellow members, coupled with daily prayer and the reading of Scripture, prepares us to experience total serenity in Christ, no matter what our outward circumstances might be. Attendance at additional 12 Step groups are encouraged. We are dedicated to the principles of anonymity and confidentiality. We guard the anonymity and confidences of other members zealously. Nothing said in these discussions will leave this room in any form. Gossip has no place among us, nor will we share these discussions with Outside prayer list.